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About Boom25

The idea for Boom25 came to Giora Mandel well, boom, just like that! Mandel wanted to add a little thrill and excitement to online shopping. Sure, online you can get the best deals, the cheapest prices and the fastest deliveries - but why stop there?

With Boom25 every purchase that shoppers make has the opportunity to be refunded - in full - BOOM, just like that! Boom25 is partnered with an amazing selection of retailers, from M&S to Boots to Tesco’s and Miss Selfridges, it’s easy to turn any shop into a Boom25 shop. And the odds are truly in your favour… every 25th shopper is a winner and with special promos on the regular, sometimes your odds are as good as 1:10 or lower!

So, the only question you need to ask yourself is - BOOM, what are you waiting for?

 Start booming!


About the Team


The big man up top. He keeps us all in order, we call him the Boom Master - without him, there’d be no Booming around at all.


Full Stack Developer

Knows Boom from top to bottom. It’s not just his job but his passion that allows Boom25 to keep running smoothly as milk chocolate - and who doesn’t like milk chocolate?


Affilate Manager

Loves booming and loves people. That’s what makes her a great Account Manager. Plus, sometimes she brings us cookies and we think cookies are boomtastic!


Account Manager

Our sponge for information. Remembers everything about every one of our Boom25 clients. We’d be lost without her (plus, how would we do the dishes?).


Head of Design

Keeps Boom25 looking new and fresh!


Business Development Manager

Booming isn’t just about fun (though that’s about 98% of it) and someone has to do all the legwork. 


Marketing Manager

At Boom25, we’re all about staying social and building a booming community (see what we did there?). He’s got us covered on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


Operations Manager

 Runs a tight ship on Boom25. She dots her i’s, she crosses her t’s and she makes everyone else does so, too. We’re boom-tastic thanks to her!


Product Analyst

We pride ourselves in our service, which is why we’ve hired the best of the best to make sure we’re doing all we can to Boom - make online shopping great again.


Full Stack Developer

She just might be a Boomaholic and she’s a computer know-it-all. She keeps all things techy in such great shape - we can’t keep up.


Customer Support Representative

They love Boom because they love seeing people get their money back. They're like Boom25’s Oprah - you have an issue, complaint or need some assistance, they're on it.




BOOM25 (UK) LIMITED. Registered in England and Wales, registration number 10539194. Registered office address: Suite 1, 3rd Floor 11-12 St. James’s Square London SW1Y 4LB Data Protection registration ZA251635